Holding on for a Miracle – Please Send Cards

This is an email I’ve sent out to my contacts not necessarily on FB’s Team Steven page, detailing the latest in Steven’s journey for those who are interested. 

Oh, my friends … this morning I thought I would be writing a much different email to you. After spending nearly a month at the Children’s Hospital in St. Louis, doctors told Steven’s parents this past weekend to prepare for the unimaginable. Two different types of chemo didn’t work … cancer spread further. His treatment was complicated by the need to protect his one transplanted kidney. The final chemo available to him that they started last week caused so many horrible side effects. He was unconscious, and too many things were going wrong for medicine to fix. The cancer tumors around his intestines caused a rupture and infection set in; he did not have enough white blood cells to fight the infection, therefore surgery was not an option. They were just trying to keep him comfortable enough to fly him back to Tulsa today to be close to family, leaving everything in God’s hands.

All I could do last night was cry, thinking of my poor sister-in-law, who has already lost a brother to melanoma, now having to deal with the very real thought of losing her 17-year old son. We all braced ourselves for the worst. Everyone was prepared to say goodbyes. Denise was praying for his comfort and strength to let him go as Steven’s father, Steve, prepared to lose his only child. My brother was struggling with the idea of losing his stepson, and trying to be a rock for his wife. Our hearts were all breaking for these brave parents. BUT THEN … Steven arrived at St Francis Children’s Hospital ICU today in Tulsa.

Leave it to Steven, that amazing little fighter that he is, to surprise us all! Through the clouds came light. He was AWAKE and TALKING, surrounded by his loved ones. Next thing you know, the doctors said the LDH cancer cell levels had dropped significantly since his last chemo treatment. WHAT?!? We couldn’t believe it. There is now a glimmer of hope. If they can overcome the perforations in his intestines, Steven may have a shot at a miracle!! I am cautiously optimistic … but hey, crazier things have happened, right? It’s true! The doctors at St. Francis aren’t giving up! And neither is Steven. Now that he’s back home near family, the support, love and prayers will help boost his spirits and keep him motivated.

Sooooo, a very big THANK YOU to all of you for the many awesome prayers and good healing thoughts you have sent to Steven. There was a huge boost this weekend from those who joined the Team Steven group on Facebook, with now over 750 members cheering him on and offering support to the family. Apparently everyone was sending some REALLY good miracle mojo, because we didn’t expect to see what they saw today. Please keep the good stuff coming! He can FEEL your love and support!!! We’re all really hoping there’s a miracle in store for this sweet boy …

Denise thanks everyone who has prayed, sent cards and/or gifts during this time, and wants you to know that your thoughtfulness has been much appreciated. We have seen today the power of positive thinking, healing energy and prayers at work, so please continue to send some light and love his way.

Again, if it is in your heart, I hope you will take a moment to send Steven a card with encouragement, continued well wishes, motivation and good cheer. Send them to him at:

Steven Wilson
c/o Denise Sargent
10111 S. Sandusky Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74137

Now that he’s back in Tulsa, he can get them more quickly, and the support is amazing.

I am often humbled by the amount of caring pouring out from my friends. Steven is a lucky guy to have so many great people on his team, pushing for a victory. And I am a lucky girl to count you among my friends, knowing that so many people are sending good thoughts, prayers and love to a young boy who has inspired others with his bravery. It means more to me than you know. I hope it keeps working. Thank you.


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