Baby Steps of Progress – Donations Accepted

Another update email I sent on Steven’s condition, with latest info on how to contribute to the family.

Hello friends,
First, I don’t want to bombard you, so don’t worry … these update emails will not be daily. BUT I wanted to let you know that the overwhelming response and prayers have made such a tremendous difference, and there ARE ways you can continue to help. We are all believing in miracles, and hope is alive. Thank you for your support of my sister-in-law and her brave son.

We have a fighter on our hands. Since yesterday, Steven has begun to produce white blood cells again. He has gone from 0% production to .1% … seems like a small number, but it is HUGE, because it means that his body is still producing the ability to fight infection. If they can just buy him enough time to enhance that production – we need about 10 days for that – then they will be able to fix the adbomen infection to begin chemo again to resume the fight against the cancer. There is a game plan in place for that. So now, focus on increased white blood cells and time to fight that infection! I believe in specificity. 😉

Interestingly, his LDH level continues to drop!!! This means the chemo he received last week for 3 days before leaving St. Louis is still at work against the cancer, and cancer cells are decreasing! He is sleeping a lot, but has had funny moments: 1.) His mom saying, “I love you, Steven,” and him responding, “Mom, stop saying that.” LOL – teenagers. It was a bright spot in her day. 2.) He awakened last night to see his brother Rocky there with him. He said his name and then high fived him. Awesome. I hope those moments make you smile as you understand your good thoughts and prayers at work when they didn’t know if he’d ever regain consciousness. Pretty amazing.

Anyway, my purpose in sending this update is because MANY of you have asked for ways in which you can help in addition to sending those wonderful healing thoughts and prayers or cards to Steven. We now have a way for YOU to make an even bigger difference for Steven and his family. We want to try to help the family with medical expenses.

As you can imagine, from a battle against cancer that started in October to spending over the past month in the hospital, combined with family leave and loss of income, this would put a difficult financial strain on any family. We have just placed a huge order for more TEAM STEVEN bracelets! These bracelets are a great way to keep Steven close to your heart – when you look down and see that snazzy red band on your wrist, it’s a daily reminder to send him light and love.

Denise’s sister, Michelle, opened an account for Steven’s family today. Any donation you give to the family will get you a TEAM STEVEN bracelet, so if you would like to help, please give whatever amount is in your heart to help his family with medical expenses as they continue to wage their war on stupid cancer. Donations can be sent to:

Steven Wilson Benefit Account
c/o Sharon VanOrsdol
Community Bank
P.O. Box 1020
Bristow, OK 74010

I am looking into the possiblity of being able to make online donations as well in order to provide a convenient method of giving, but don’t have details at this time. Stay tuned.

To receive your bracelet: Once you make your donation, please email me at to let me know, and be sure to include your name and mailing address. We expect the bracelet order to arrive next week and will be mailing them out once received.

The TEAM STEVEN group on Facebook has reached nearly 1,000 members in the past few days!!! UNREAL!!!! This show of support and love from people all over has meant the world to Steven’s mom and family. It’s a great way to watch his progress as well. Here is a link if you are on Facebook and would like to join the group:

So, no one ever said I was short winded … 😉 But hopefully you realize that this is all out of gratitude that Denise’s son is responding to all of the fantastic healing energy being put out into the world just for him. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said:
“The moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would have never otherwise occurred … unforseen incidents, meetings, and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would come his way.”

Remember in the movie Field of Dreams, “If you build it, they will come”? Thank you for showing up, for your support, for your love. Further updates will only be provided for anything major that might happen, so trust that when you’re not hearing from me, that Steven is making his baby steps of progress, day by day. Thank you for your unbelievable good thoughts and prayers that are causing a shift we never dreamed of in the health of an amazing boy. He lives. He fights. He wins. The incredible power of intention and prayer at work. Thank you.

With love and gratitude,

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