New Doctor – Message from his Mom

Oh my gosh, you guys … I really do think your prayers and loving energy are working!!! Part of it is because Steven gets his fighting spirit from his amazingly brave and strong mother – when something is not working, she makes a change. A change has been made. I would like to share her latest update with you, because it would seem that there is new hope alive in the form of a new doctor. Here’s what Denise had to say with the latest:

“Steven is holding steady today, even though his kidney function continues to decline. Our oncology doctor here has been consulting with his renal doctors in St. Louis every day, but today I asked her to please stop consulting with them and just ask a local renal doctor what their opinion is. We’ve now got an adult renal doctor that works for St. Francis helping out the docs here at the Children’s Hospital regarding his kidney issues. This renal doctor seems to have hope and a plan. God works miracles through doctors. I know it’s ultimately up to God but it doesn’t do any good to pray to win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket. So please keep praying for these doctors in their decision making.

I just read to Steven a stack of cards … literally, a STACK of cards that are pouring in from everywhere, offering words of encouragement and prayer books. One of you sent a beautiful picture from Hawaii and commented that you hope he gets to see it one day in person. Steven actually got to go there a couple of years ago through the Make-a-Wish program. I showed him the picture and asked him if he remembered going there. He said ‘yes.’ I then asked him if he took his mother with him, to which he replied ‘no.’ I asked him if his mom wanted to go, and he said ‘yes.’ So he is definitely still sharp on some things, because I begged him to let me go but he only wanted to take his dad. 😦 (He’s such a daddy’s boy.) One generous person sent him a #7 Laker jersey autographed by Lamar Odom, along with an autographed Laker Girls Photo. This will have to be guarded dearly, as many an envious eye has longed upon it. 🙂 “

Isn’t she amazing? As you know, for months I have been requesting that you send cards to Steven to help keep his spirits up and keep him motivated as he fights the good fight. As you can see, it means a lot. He can definitely feel the love, as can his mom, and I am continuously touched by the amazing generosity of wonderful friends. Thank you. This battle Steven has been fighting has helped so many people prioritize the most important things in life – friendship, loved ones, family, moments, love. It has been a gift to all of us that way, and it is incredible to see that inspiration show up in tangible form, in the mailbox. I would once again encourage you to keep doing these things. No one is giving up here. If Steven’s brave spirit has decided to fight and win, then with the help of miracle worker doctors, hope is kept alive.

If you would like to send Steven a card with encouragement, continued well wishes, motivation and good cheer, please mail them to him at:

Steven Wilson
c/o Denise Sargent
10111 S. Sandusky Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74137

If you would like a red TEAM STEVEN bracelet to keep him close to your heart, I mentioned previously that an account has been opened for the family. Any donation you give will get you a TEAM STEVEN bracelet. If you would like to help, please give whatever amount is in your heart to help his family with medical expenses as they continue to fight this fight. Donations can be sent to:

Steven Wilson Benefit Account
c/o Sharon VanOrsdol
Community Bank
P.O. Box 1020
Bristow, OK 74010

To receive your bracelet: Once you make your donation, please email me at to let me know, and be sure to include your name and mailing address. We expect the bracelet order to arrive next week and will be mailing them out once received.

Lastly, THANK YOU for your continued prayers, support, love and energy. We all feel a little manic depressive with the ups and downs of this emotional roller coaster. Our hope is that Steven continues to surprise us as the new doctor works on a new plan for a miracle. Keep sending all of that good mojo. I would swear that it’s working. Steven is an inspiration to us all. Bless that sweet boy, and thanks for your support!!!

Much love,

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