Surgery Required for Dialysis to Live

We started the morning on a high note, but now STEVEN NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT once again!!! He has to have dialysis or they are saying he won’t live through the weekend. His poor little kidney is just not recovering.

Today they are going ahead and risking surgery to place the dialysis catheter. His mom said it’s their only hope. The odds of surviving the surgery are slim, but Steven has proven time and time again that he’s a fighter and a winner! We have ALL seen Steven miraculously defy the odds. Odds?!?! He won’t take no stinking odds!!! 🙂 I think the fact that he has SO many people cheering him on and sending love contributes to that. My friend Rebecca likened us all to the Verizon network, picturing a big group of us standing outside the hospital and shouting, “Can you hear us now? What about NOW?!?!”

So PLEASE … NOW is the time again to send some light and love his way. We are asking our support networks to please send good thoughts and prayers right now that Steven is able to: a.) Pull through this surgery, and b.) That the dialysis will revive his transplanted kidney. Other organs are okay – we just need to save that kidney!

On a high note as the day began, his white blood cell count was up to .3 today (it fell to zero yesterday, which was not discouraging since they anticipated rising and falling of the count through next week; being up to .3 from zero so quickly was a good thing). His BUN count, which measures the toxins in the body, was down a little today, so making the change to the new renal doctor was definitely the right move! She determined the medication he was on was actually what was making him so sick.

Denise said, “Steven & I are so humbled by the number of people lifting our boy in prayer. Please continue the Verizon network analogy, follow us wherever we go. We can always hear you.”

So I ask once again of you wonderful friends, please follow them now. If you are on the TEAM STEVEN group on Facebook, going there and adding a comment or prayer for the family is a great way to send love and support:

Or simply take a little moment now to close your eyes and send some good vibes, sweet prayers and healing energy his way. Our little miracle boy needs some love right now to make it through this surgery … then he will have a fighting chance!

Thank you SO MUCH for your support!

Head Cheerleader of the Team Steven Manic Depressives

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