Kidney Improving with Dialysis – Holding Steady

I have a Monday update for you – thank you for your continued concern and inquiries as to how Steven is faring. After an emotional roller coaster of a week last week, we all breathed a sigh of relief during a steady weekend for our sweet boy.

Steven started dialysis on Friday a few hours after his surgery, and his kidney started responding positively right away with his kidney function level improving dramatically by Saturday. His white blood cell count maintained at .3 and his LDH cancer cell levels still continued to decline. Despite a somewhat restless night on Saturday, after a busy weekend of dialysis and a lot of doctor/nurse action yesterday, he continues to rest well today.

He had some bad nosebleeds prior to the surgery, and today the ENT doctor removed the nasal packing, along with some large clumps of blood that had hardened in the back of his throat (sorry – hope it’s not mealtime when you’re reading!). He will get another blood transfusion later today. I remember hearing somewhere that you can make blood donations in someone’s name. So, for those of you in the Tulsa area who want to DONATE BLOOD, Steven is TYPE A POSITIVE. BUT, he can have ANY BLOOD TYPE of platelets. He has to have platelets everyday and they’ve used many different blood types of platelets for him. Feel free to donate blood or platelets for Steven Wilson at St. Francis Children’s Hospital.

They did dialysis on him yesterday for his kidney and will do so again today. The nephrologist said they are slowly catching up to him because he was pretty far gone. But he also said that when Steven comes around mentally he won’t remember any of this. His hair is coming out by the handfuls, which he will not like when he looks in the mirror, as he cherished his hair and would never shave his head to preempt the hair loss.

The doctor also suspects pancreatitis (inflamation of the pancreas) may be going on, so they hope to get that under control. Today we are asking for thoughts and prayers for the healing of his pancreas, high platelet counts, high white blood cell counts, full return of kidney function and, of course, for the cancer to be healed.

Also, our TEAM STEVEN Bracelets have arrived! Do you want to show support for our miracle boy??? Again, we’re not selling them, but appreciate any donation amount you have in your heart made to Steven’s benefit account to help his parents with expenses. To receive yours, mail your check to:

Steven Wilson Benefit Account (make check payable to)
c/o Sharon VanOrsdol (in Note section)
Community Bank
P.O. Box 1020
Bristow, OK 74010

Then email me at with your name and full mailing information to get your bracelet(s). We’re still finalizing an online donation option, so stay tuned for more details.

We have over 1,600 MEMBERS on our TEAM STEVEN group on Facebook!!! WOW! If you haven’t joined the party, feel free to jump on the bandwagon and send some love there. The family LOVES to hear from everyone all over, and any messages of support are fantastic:

So that’s the latest. Steven continues to hold steady, and your continued thoughts and prayers of love and healing are SO welcome right now. He’s not out of the woods by any means … but it is Monday … a day that last week they didn’t think he would see. What a miracle, as that sweet spirit of his continues to fight. His impenetrable will along with all of the positivity and focus are working. KEEP IT UP, TEAM STEVEN!!!! Thank you, as always, for your caring and support for Steven and the family. Sending a big hug!!!

Peaceful, encouraged and hopeful,

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